Core Episodes

This is all of our current core episodes, nothing funny going on here just the basis of what is the Talk Nerdy 2 Me Podcast

Core Episodes:

TN2M Ep1 Movies, Con, and Anime Oh My!

TN2M Ep2 – Gummies Are Yummy, and My Boss Isn’t Racist

TN2M Ep3- I Am Full of Chicken, and Spoilers

TN2M Ep4- No Clue What To Talk About

TN2M Ep6- It’s The Dark Side, We Have Boobs

TN2M Ep7- On The Road From Dragon Con

TN2M Ep8 – I’m Sexist, and Amber Has To Take It TN2M

Ep9 – Reppin’ Hard 4 Da FDO

TN2M Ep10 – Omelets On A Speed Run

TN2M Ep11- Halloween In November

TN2M Ep12 – Man With The Iron Nano and Sweet Potato Pie

TN2M TN2M Ep13 – Tundar Baby Born In Palin’s Backyard

Ep14 Part 1- Well we did it again

TN2M Ep14 Part 2- An The Finish…

TN2M Ep15 – Sapiosexual, It’s A Real Thing..

TN2M Ep16 – Mr Stubbs For President

TN2M Ep17 – …An The Electric Money Went To Beyonce…

TN2M Ep18 – Cupid’s Love Is In My Pants, So Talk Sexy 2 Me.

TN2M Ep19 – Mysticon Extravaganza!!

TN2M Ep20 – We Made It This Far

TN2M Ep21 – Oblivion(2013) Review

TN2M Ep22 – Balticon, Meet Jen’s Bawls

TN2M Ep23 – V/H/S 1 and V/H/S 2 Review Live Stream

TN2M Ep24 – Anime,Books, and Music…Schwing?

TN2M Ep25 – Six-Gun Tarot Review TN2M Ep26 – Podception

TN2M Ep27 – Toys For Farming Movies TN2M Ep28 – The Conjuring

TN2M Ep29 – The Answer IS Idris Elba – Part 1

TN2M Ep29 – The Answer IS Idris Elba – Part 2

TN2M Ep30 – Eatin Cherries On My Hoveround

TN2M Ep31 – Columbus was 2nd, Eat Bacon

TN2M Ep32 – Half of a Naked Riddick Butt

TN2M Ep33 – We Appologise For The Interruption

TN2M Ep34 – Cloudy With a Chance of Podcasts

TN2M Ep35 – The Bonus Bonus Canadian Invasion(Halloween Horrorfest 2013)

TN2M Ep36 – RWBY RWBY Where Are You

TN2M Ep37 – Consoles, Candy and Carrie(Halloween Horrorfest 2013)

TN2M Ep38 – North by North West

TN2M Ep39 – Bromance Not Romance Part 1

TN2M Ep39 – Bromance Not Romance Part 2

TN2M Ep40 – The Doctor Turns 50

TN2M Ep41 – NaNoWriMo + Everything

TN2M Ep42 – I Am Inside Katniss Everdeen

TN2M Ep43 – Down The Rabbit Hole We Go(Part 1)

TN2M Ep43 – Down The Rabbit Hole We Go(Part 2)

TN2M Ep44 – It’s a New Year, Same Old Podcast

TN2M Ep45 – 2014 Not The Year of The Movie

TN2M Ep46 – Making the old anew

TN2M Ep47 – Fandom for a Fan

TN2M Ep48 – Mysti Legos

TN2M Ep49 – Oh Japan!

TN2M Ep50 – The Depp in the Machine

TN2M Ep51 – Droppin Drop Ins

TN2M Ep52 – This Title Is The Garnish Not The Meal

TN2M Ep53 – Tucci, Grammer and Grimlock Oh My

TN2M Ep54 – Robopenis, Sesame Cake, F-Bombs

TN2M Ep55 – A Rated R Revival

TN2M Ep56 – Gaurdians of The Galaxy

TN2M Ep57 – Without a Passion

TN2M Ep58 – The Reality of Reality TV

TN2M Ep59 – Akira and Lucy

TN2M Ep60 – See You Space Cowboy

TN2M Ep61 – The Impact of a Vagina

TN2M Ep62 – The Classic Pap

TN2M Ep63 – Jack is Funded by Murica

TN2M Ep64 – The Giver was a Trap

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