Extra Content

Through out the history of this podcast we have tried many things to add different styles of content to the podcast, thought most of those are not currently being produced we still keep them up and archived here in case any one wishes to here them. This is also the home for content that didn’t fit into any of the other podcast archives.

Extra Content:

TN2M Bonus – Cognac Collegiate Updates

TN2M MM 1 – Monday Melody or Melody Monday

TN2M TT 1 – Tropes Tripe and Torture

TN2M WW 1 – Cult Magazine

TN2M TTH 1 – Just A Shots Worth

TN2M FF 1 – Chewing Up Catwomen

TN2M SS 1 – Prepare For The Ding A Lings

TN2M Celec Ep1 – Riding Celebrities

TN2M MM 2 – Your Wop is Burning

TN2M TT 2 – What’s Mine is Mine

TN2M WW 2 – Wierdos in Custody

TN2M TTH 2 – Tastes Like Old Rice

TN2M FF 2 – Sideways New 52

Flashcast 109 Uncut

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