TN2M HH31 – The Frighteners

Here it is the finale of the TN2M Halloween Horrorfest 31 days 31 podcasts with a sit down with friend of the podcast Nutty to discuss Michael J. Fox’s last film. so hold on to your hats as always enjoy and thank you for listening. TN2M HH31 – The Frighteners(Download)

TN2M HH24 – Sinful Nuns of St.Valentines

This really wasn’t a sinful movie about some bad nuns in face it was more like a Spanish soap with boobs..well some boobs and not much sin. So we hope you enjoy and Thanks for listening. TN2M HH24 – Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentines(Download)  

TN2M HH21 – Nightmare on Elm Street

So we round out our Wes Craven block of films with the feather in the horror cap he wears so eagerly Nightmare on Elm Street. So here we go and try not to fall asleep who knows what will be waiting for you. Please enjoy, and thank your for listening. TN2M HH21 – Nightmare on … Continue reading

TN2M HH20 – Scream

Looks like Mr.Wes is back in business on this one just the way we like him and he even has the balls to kill Drew Barrymore the Firestarter herself in the first 5 minutes of this movie lol. So sit back relax and enjoy the show. Thank you for listening. TN2M HH20 – Scream(Download)

TN2M HH9 – The Halloweens

We sit down and discuss Carpenter’s Original Halloween Vs Rob Zombie’s remake. So please enjoy and thank you for listening. TN2M HH9 – The Halloweens(Download)

TN2M Bonus #2 – You’re Next CakeNWeenie

This is a bonus episode were we just give you a quick and easy overview of the horror slasher You’re Next” So We hope you enjoy and done dont forget to enter the contest it ends tonight. Your’re Next CakeNWeenie(Download)

TN2M Ep30 – Eatin Cherries On My Hoveround

Hey guy, where back and boy has it been a blast I feeling good, Jen is in tip top shape and we have a contest for that arse oh yes. So take a listen, and enjoy. Thank you to all the Mobster out there shooting me there support and kindness and caring and for all … Continue reading