TN2M HH28 – Ouija

This is a straight from the silver screen flick, that probably should have stayed where ever it was dredged up from but don’t worry we tackled this boss office topper and all its bad teenagers. So sit back grab a tall cold one and enjoy as always thanks for listening. TN2M HH28 – Ouija(Download)   … Continue reading

TN2M HH24 – Sinful Nuns of St.Valentines

This really wasn’t a sinful movie about some bad nuns in face it was more like a Spanish soap with boobs..well some boobs and not much sin. So we hope you enjoy and Thanks for listening. TN2M HH24 – Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentines(Download)  

TN2M HH22 – Dumplings

***DISCLAIMER*** If you are of a sensative nature about a babies, and pregnancy, abortions or miscarriages then please do not listen to this episode you have been warned. Because dumplings boy howdy was a rough one for me. Thank you for listening and…”Enjoy”? TN2M HH22 – Dumplings(Download)

TN2M HH6 – The Craft

We have a doozy of a cast here made up of our friends of the show from around the world so sit back and enjoy the 90’s horror chick action flick, The Craft. Go check out our friends and of course comment and share with your friends so we all can be friends lol. Thank … Continue reading

TN2M HH1 – Subspecies

This is the first of our attempt at the second annual Halloween Horrorfest. We under take 31 Podcast in 31 Days. The first film is Subspecies As always share with your friends, drop comments here, in the event or on Facebook. Thank your for listening, hope you enjoy. TN2M HH1 – Subspecies(Download)

TN2M Ep52 – This Title Is The Garnish Not The Meal

Were here and raring to go, with lots of movie talk, I wax poetic about my Ninja Turtles Love(or hate in this case) as well as some of my college learning, Jen gets pissed, and food can help you kill your enemies so sit back and enjoy this episode of the Talk Nerdy 2 Me … Continue reading

TN2M TT #1 – Tropes, Tripe, and Torture

Tuesday Terror, a little film talk for your ears. We debated doing a review of some type but decided that it would be better to talk alittle bit and try to get some listener input so hopefully you like and let us know, and or review us on itunes would help us out alot. thank … Continue reading

TN2M Ep43 – Down The Rabbit Hole We Go(Part 2)

Just in time to finish up your holiday season and usher in the new year is the second half of my talks with Mildred, hope you enjoy and don’t for get to check out our website, the FaceBook Page, also find us on twitter: @Nerdy2MePodcast. Also if the holiday spirit has moved you to, please … Continue reading

TN2M HH Bonus 30 – It’s Just A Bunch of Hocus Pocus

2nd to last episode is here and it’s magical indeed. Me and Jen discuss Hocus Pocus a childhood favorite of ours. So Sit back relax and prepare for the finale of the Talk Nerdy 2 Me Podcasts Halloween Horrorfest 31Days31Podcasts extravaganza? as always please enjoy, and your comments, concerns, emails, and ratings and reviews are … Continue reading

TN2M HH Bonus 16 – Lord Rosemary! Baby of Salem!

Man we squeezed this in but its here and were still on track and we talk about two for the price of one if you cant tell from the title of this one Rosemary’s Baby and Lords of Salem. Similarities abound though I don’t know if i got them across or not but hey both … Continue reading