TN2M HH4 – Night of The Creeps

Everyone needs a friend like J.C. in the film Night of the Creeps, a Cabin in the Woods send up of the horror genre before that iconic film. so let your friends know about the podcast, drop by the facebook page, or website or tweet at us. Thank you for listening and hope you enjoy. … Continue reading

TN2M HH2 – Automaton Transfusion

Alright, alright, Alright, episode to is live moving from Vampires to Zombies with Automaton Transfusion. What else could you ask for for Halloween? how about 31 days of Halloween well you get it here with the Halloween Horrorfest, thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy. TN2M HH2 – Automaton Transfusion(Download)  

TN2M Ep51 – Droppin Drop Ins

Where here again talking about ton of things from reading rainbow to maleficent to Mark Jeffrey. So hold on to your hates watch out for a bit of rage and enjoy today’s episode. As always thank you for listening. TN2M Ep51 – Droppin Drop Ins(Download)

TN2M Ep49 – Oh Japan!

So its been a while, like a long while but where still here and were still watching movies and reading comics, and do all the nerdy things we did before and we still are gonna blab about you. Honest we are just trust me lol but today’s episode is the return so hope you enjoy … Continue reading

TN2M Ep47 – Fandom for a Fan

Janelle is here again with me as we answer an email and talking about all things this side of geekdom, nerdom and all around fandom so have fun and enjoy. TN2M Ep47 – Fandom for a Fan(Download)

TN2M TT 2 – What’s Mine is Mine

We change it up a bit and talk horror survival zombie game, Dead Rising: Riptide its a fun time and hope you enjoy it sorry if it seemed rushed but jen had to get to work. hope you enjoy and thank you for listening. TN2M TT 2 – What’s Mine is Mine(Download)

TN2M Ep41 – NaNoWriMo + Everything

Here it is me and David Heyes talking about like everything so enjoy and there is more to come after this. TN2M Ep41 – NaNoWriMo + Everything(download…)

TN2M Ep39 – Bromance Not Romance Part 2

Here is the last half of out sit down with Heyes, hope you have enjoyed it so far because there is more where that came from. and don’t for get to share the facebook page, or email  us at, and or leave us a review on iTunes or where ever you get your podcasts … Continue reading

TN2M Ep39 – Bromance Not Romance Part 1

Its been a while since I had to split and episode but you put me and Heyes together and bam that is what happens. The terrible film Phantasm gets left on the cutting room sorta while we travel at break neck pace through the nerdverse but don’t worry we get you back in one piece. … Continue reading