TN2M HH20 – Scream

Looks like Mr.Wes is back in business on this one just the way we like him and he even has the balls to kill Drew Barrymore the Firestarter herself in the first 5 minutes of this movie lol. So sit back relax and enjoy the show. Thank you for listening. TN2M HH20 – Scream(Download)

TN2M HH12 – Return of the Killer Tomatoes

Young George Clooney playing a hornball pervert with a friend who wants to do sexual acts to a tomatoe…and this was a cheesy horror comedy…You bet your sweet ass it is lol. Thank you for listening and enjoy. TN2M HH12 – Return of the Killer Tomatoes(Download)

TN2M Ep59 – Akira and Lucy

So we sit down and review Scarlet Johansson and Morgan Freeman vehicle Lucy….and how it probably is the closet thing we will ever get to a live action Akira movie lol. So we hope you enjoy, leave some feedback on the site or Facebook page and of course we thank you for listening. TN2M Ep59 … Continue reading

TN2M Solocast 3 – TMNT Say It Ain’t So?

here we are no yelling, none of my usual nerd rage, this time I lay it out for you with no chaser to take the edge off, though I promise its smooth as Billy D and his colt 45….well not that smooth and colt 45 is pretty garabage but your know what I mean. Thank … Continue reading

TN2M Ep56 – *SPOILERS* Guardians of The Galaxy *SPOILERS*

If your gonna listen to this episode be warned there are Spoilers abound we go through the entirety of guardians of the galaxy, so you have been told so going any further is at your own peril. Thank you for listen and we hope you enjoy yourself. We are Groot! TN2M Ep56 – Gaurdians of … Continue reading

TN2M Ep49 – Oh Japan!

So its been a while, like a long while but where still here and were still watching movies and reading comics, and do all the nerdy things we did before and we still are gonna blab about you. Honest we are just trust me lol but today’s episode is the return so hope you enjoy … Continue reading

TN2M Ep45 – 2014 Not The Year of The Movie

We get on to the subject of this years starting field of movies, which is slim pickings, and by our count nothing has been really spectacular, yeah you have movies grab for Oscars and such but  we mean in the field of movies we would watch and bring ot you. So the Talk Nerdy 2 … Continue reading

TN2M Ep41 – NaNoWriMo + Everything

Here it is me and David Heyes talking about like everything so enjoy and there is more to come after this. TN2M Ep41 – NaNoWriMo + Everything(download…)

TN2M HH Bonus 31 – The Nightmare Before Christmas

We Go out with a bag, or maybe a scream with The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jen’s Favorite Movie Of ALL TIME!!. So i can’t keep jabbering on listen and be amazed lol thank you and enjoy. TN2M HH Bonus 31 – The Nightmare Before Christmas(Download)  

TN2M HH Bonus 30 – It’s Just A Bunch of Hocus Pocus

2nd to last episode is here and it’s magical indeed. Me and Jen discuss Hocus Pocus a childhood favorite of ours. So Sit back relax and prepare for the finale of the Talk Nerdy 2 Me Podcasts Halloween Horrorfest 31Days31Podcasts extravaganza? as always please enjoy, and your comments, concerns, emails, and ratings and reviews are … Continue reading