TN2M NaNoWriMo Ep0 – It Has Begun

Hey guys this is the zero hour for the NaNoWriMo episodes for November as well as Podcast Updates so I hope you enjoy and I even kept it under 10 minutes lol NaNoWriMo Ep0 – It Has Begun(Download)

TN2M HH30 – The Gremlins

We are joined by Way of the Buffalo’s on Hugh for a sit down about the Gremlin series of films. So stay away from water, don’t listen to this after midnight, and like any bound nerd be wary of the sun. Thank you for listening and Please enjoy. TN2M HH30 – The Gremlins(Download)  

TN2M HH29 – They Live

We are here to Podcast and chew bubble gum, and we’re all out of bubble gum. That’s right you know what film this is so sit back and hold on as I gush about Roddy Piper V Keith David aka the Arbiter in this scifi action horror flick from legendary director and creator John Carpenter. … Continue reading

TN2M HH27 – See No Evil 2

Man let me tell you something if your a 7 foot tall wrestler who is the brother to a brother to a legend don’t do horror flicks its not worth your time when they are this bad. so if you couldnt tell we are talking about the horror film series staring the undertakers brother Kane … Continue reading

TN2M HH25 – The Relic

It’s just me and the man with the 1000 voices Jay Langejans here to talk about something we don’t get much any more bad science creature features. This is one that I and He both had a tone of nostalgia for and it shows. So sit back and enjoy the podcast and as always thank … Continue reading

TN2M HH23 – Event Horizon

A last minute change do to my terrible memory lands us smack dab in themiddle of deep space with cathulu like old god lovcraftian monsters after Sam Neil and Laurence Fishburns eternal soul. So sit back and enjoy, as always thank you for listening. TN2M HH23 – Event Horizon(Download)

TN2M HH19 – They

More Wes Craven on the way though i will have to say not what you expect from Freddy-less Nightmare on elm street clone…but don’t worry were here and we shall keep the light burning for you when They come for you. TN2M HH19 – They(Download)

TN2M HH18 – MindRipper

So we went to do People Under The Stairs and it is no longer on netflix, hulu, or crackle….sad face right…wrong we get some early 90’s produced by Wes Craven and Written and produced by his “son”? Johnathan Craven scifi horror known as Mind Ripper. Boy howdy was this film a thing so sit back … Continue reading

TN2M HH16 – Tremors

What do you get when you have Tek, Nutty, Rebba, Me, Mildred, Jay, Mike, guns and Graboids…..Well come find out and trust me its a doozy lol as we discuss the film tremors and Tek obliterates the Weaponry in this movie. You wanna here a Gun Otaku well look no further. We hope you enjoy … Continue reading

TN2M HH15 – ReAnimator

I sit down with friends to talk some Lovecraftian horror, as well as headless cunnilingus. How does that work well just wait and see. So you know no cat puppets were harmed in the making of this film. Thank you for listening and Please enjoy. TN2M HH15 – ReAnimator(Download)