TN2M HH20 – Scream

Looks like Mr.Wes is back in business on this one just the way we like him and he even has the balls to kill Drew Barrymore the Firestarter herself in the first 5 minutes of this movie lol. So sit back relax and enjoy the show. Thank you for listening. TN2M HH20 – Scream(Download) Advertisements

TN2M HH19 – They

More Wes Craven on the way though i will have to say not what you expect from Freddy-less Nightmare on elm street clone…but don’t worry were here and we shall keep the light burning for you when They come for you. TN2M HH19 – They(Download)

TN2M HH18 – MindRipper

So we went to do People Under The Stairs and it is no longer on netflix, hulu, or crackle….sad face right…wrong we get some early 90’s produced by Wes Craven and Written and produced by his “son”? Johnathan Craven scifi horror known as Mind Ripper. Boy howdy was this film a thing so sit back … Continue reading

TN2M HH17 – Fright Night

Another horrific abuse of an animal puppet in this film. So sit back enjoy and pray for Leon and his little buddies safety lol. Thank you for listening and enjoy. TN2M HH17 – Fright Night(Download)

TN2M HH14 – The Fly

Here we go after having to record it a second time due to a H2n mishap we got our talk about Jeff Goldblum and the mistakes he made playing with teleportation science. We hope you enjoy, please leave feedback on any episodes of the horrorfest, especially the commentary track for Cabin Fever: Patient Zero. As … Continue reading

TN2M HH13 – Cabin Fever: Patient Zero(Commentary Track)

Hey guys so we made some changes as Sorority House Massacre was so super boring and we couldn’t make an episode out of it so we switch it up and did Dark Ride but we are still debating on dark ride cause its not streaming anywhere and so it’s not easy to get a hold … Continue reading

TN2M HH12 – Return of the Killer Tomatoes

Young George Clooney playing a hornball pervert with a friend who wants to do sexual acts to a tomatoe…and this was a cheesy horror comedy…You bet your sweet ass it is lol. Thank you for listening and enjoy. TN2M HH12 – Return of the Killer Tomatoes(Download)

TN2M HH11 – Humanoids from The Deep

We get to talk sexy time with merfolk / seaweed monsters things and young nubile California girls and a awesome native american with an ax to grind with out monsters. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show and thank you for listening. TN2M HH11 – Humanoids from The Deep(Download)

TN2M HH10 – C.H.U.D

With a trip to the farm and hanging with SkinnerCo on the agenda you would think he would have missed aday…ah but you are mistaken. We sit down along with a sleepy Kasey dog to discuss C.H.U.D lol So please take a listen, and thank you for doing so and as always please enjoy. TN2M … Continue reading

TN2M HH9 – The Halloweens

We sit down and discuss Carpenter’s Original Halloween Vs Rob Zombie’s remake. So please enjoy and thank you for listening. TN2M HH9 – The Halloweens(Download)