TN2M NaNoWriMo Ep0 – It Has Begun

Hey guys this is the zero hour for the NaNoWriMo episodes for November as well as Podcast Updates so I hope you enjoy and I even kept it under 10 minutes lol NaNoWriMo Ep0 – It Has Begun(Download)

TN2M Ep61 – The impact of a Vagina

This episode the question was posed to us “what if Hon Solo was female” well we instinctively went to incest or a two women would be come the married couple of the movie but then Jen asked well what if they were all female or visa versa and I brought up the one flaw people … Continue reading

TN2M Solocast 5 – Close Minded without a Dream

It took me a alot of Rum, Some Rose Courvoisier, and a whole lot of dish washing alogn with some of the most marvelous people in the world checking up on me to smooth out my feeling and clear my thoughts so I could put this down so here it’s what got the Bear so … Continue reading

TN2M Ep51 – Droppin Drop Ins

Where here again talking about ton of things from reading rainbow to maleficent to Mark Jeffrey. So hold on to your hates watch out for a bit of rage and enjoy today’s episode. As always thank you for listening. TN2M Ep51 – Droppin Drop Ins(Download)

Balticon 48 – Anime 101 Panel

The first of my panels this year at Balticon it was a great time and I hope  you guys enjoy any questions, comments then hit up the facebook page or email us at or if you wanna just comment on this then feel free to do so. An as always Thank you and enjoy. Balticon … Continue reading

TN2M Ep50 – The Depp in the Machine

here it is, con talk, beer, chocolate and transcendence and more on this episode of the talk nerdy to me podcast. promos for Flash pulp and nutty bits we hope you enjoy and leave a comment, or find us on facebook and twitter. thank you TN2M Ep50 – The Depp in the Machine(Download)

TN2M Ep49 – Oh Japan!

So its been a while, like a long while but where still here and were still watching movies and reading comics, and do all the nerdy things we did before and we still are gonna blab about you. Honest we are just trust me lol but today’s episode is the return so hope you enjoy … Continue reading

TN2M FF 2 – Sideways New 52

This is the laste episode we did before hitting the road to Mysticon hope to see you there and as all ways enjoy and thank you for listening. TN2M FF 2 – Sideways New 52(Download)

TN2M TTH 2 – Tastes Like Old Rice

I got my Jen back on this one and we are having a slightly tipsying time with Saki and beer lol hope you enjoy and thank you for listening TN2M TTH 2 – Tastes Like Old Rice(Download)  

TN2M Ep47 – Fandom for a Fan

Janelle is here again with me as we answer an email and talking about all things this side of geekdom, nerdom and all around fandom so have fun and enjoy. TN2M Ep47 – Fandom for a Fan(Download)