TN2M NaNoWriMo Ep0 – It Has Begun

Hey guys this is the zero hour for the NaNoWriMo episodes for November as well as Podcast Updates so I hope you enjoy and I even kept it under 10 minutes lol NaNoWriMo Ep0 – It Has Begun(Download)

TN2M HH9 – The Halloweens

We sit down and discuss Carpenter’s Original Halloween Vs Rob Zombie’s remake. So please enjoy and thank you for listening. TN2M HH9 – The Halloweens(Download)

TN2M HH1 – Subspecies

This is the first of our attempt at the second annual Halloween Horrorfest. We under take 31 Podcast in 31 Days. The first film is Subspecies As always share with your friends, drop comments here, in the event or on Facebook. Thank your for listening, hope you enjoy. TN2M HH1 – Subspecies(Download)

TN2M Ep63 – Jack is Funded by Murica

Here we go to sit down and answer another one of Jay Lang’s topic question though sadly this is the last one. So we hope you enjoy and thank you for listening. Also Remember to share the Halloween Horrorfest with your friends so you can all come join us for a month of the spooky, … Continue reading

TN2M Ep61 – The impact of a Vagina

This episode the question was posed to us “what if Hon Solo was female” well we instinctively went to incest or a two women would be come the married couple of the movie but then Jen asked well what if they were all female or visa versa and I brought up the one flaw people … Continue reading

TN2M Ep60 – See You Space Cowboy

We Talk about Space operas and where they belong in the world of entertainment that we consume, there is also alot of cat talk so get ready, and we hope you enjoy and as always Thank you for listening. TN2M Ep60 – See You Space Cowboy(Download)  

TN2M Solocast 5 – Close Minded without a Dream

It took me a alot of Rum, Some Rose Courvoisier, and a whole lot of dish washing alogn with some of the most marvelous people in the world checking up on me to smooth out my feeling and clear my thoughts so I could put this down so here it’s what got the Bear so … Continue reading

TN2M Ep58 – The Reality of Reality TV

This time we get down and dirty with reality tv, yeah some honey booboo, duck dynasty, jersey shore, and that cosplay show on scifi ugh. So we hope you enjoy and drop some feed back on the site or on facebook and as always thank you for listening. TN2M Ep58 – The Reality of Reality … Continue reading

TN2M Solocast 4 – Vampire Coppers 109

So I finally sit down and unload my thoughts on the questions talked about in FlashCast 109 so I hope you guys enjoy and sorry for doing so many solocasts I know your guys love Jen more than me lol but I am stingy and which to monopolize your time more lol nah she has … Continue reading

TN2M Solocast 3 – TMNT Say It Ain’t So?

here we are no yelling, none of my usual nerd rage, this time I lay it out for you with no chaser to take the edge off, though I promise its smooth as Billy D and his colt 45….well not that smooth and colt 45 is pretty garabage but your know what I mean. Thank … Continue reading