Jason G. Banks

I am your normal garden variety nerd. I love my video games(currently still obsessing over Skyrim). Of the two of us here at Talk Nerdy 2 Me I am the anime enthusiast as you will more than likely find out if you listen to this podcast long enough. I decided to do this podcast after my first time at Balticon. Billy Flynn and The Flynnstress cursed me  I say, by signing my con guide with “You will Podcast Soon”. Now low and behold I am, and I love it(I hope you do).

A little more about me. I was in the active army for 6 years as Flying Spoon, a what you say? A Flying Spoon or paratrooper cook, that is right, I jumped out of planes and cooked the food you here your army friends complaining about lol. I deployed twice, Iraq for 15 months, and Afghanistan for 12. I learned alot and experienced alot in the service, but I am glad that part of my life is past now(cause I get to sleep in now 🙂 ). Why be a cook and a paratrooper? jumping out of planes paid more, and my family ran a restaurant called the Goody Shop for 20+ years so if I didn’t learn to cook, they may have disowned me. So it was only natural to do what I had been doing since I was young.

I have also been a nerd since I was young, as I picked up Japanese in elementary school for a year were I was exposed to anime for the first time(Ranma 1/2 and Kiki’s Delivery Service). You might think this is odd but it runs in the family. My great uncles were George and Willie Muse or in the sideshow circuit, Eko and Iko: The Brothers from Mars there are some great images here that I didnt know existed until the writing of this about me .

So there you have it things you may or may not have known about me. hopefully I can get the cohost to write a bit about her self though I doubt it she doesnt like to do the about me stuff lol. So please enjoy the show and let us know what you think.

You can find me:

Twitter: JG_Banks

Blog: BigBearsDen.wordpress.com

Email: JayGBanks@gmail.com

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