James a.k.a Face

(this is the best I can think of atm, as my self-contextualization process is best kept constrained due to my love of MAXIMUM VERBOSITY)

An avid Science Fiction and Horror fan, Face is best described as a “Video-game Enthusiast” and “compulsively Paranoid. “Occasional dabbler in the world of organized Fiction, a former Dungeon-Master of 10+ years, classicly trained Pianist (retired), nature fan and Trans-humanist. Encounters with him in the wild have been described as both “middling” and “brain-gasmic”.
Powered by a mixture of caffeine, introspection and wi-fi access, he rules from his hill-side home tucked away in the country-side. Always the Paladin, occasionally the Warlock, never the Priest. Enthralled by Alliteration and terrified of using incorrect grammar.
Order from Chaos. Always be fabulous.
 – Face

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