Ish “The Wrastla”

“My name is Ishmael Abdul-Raheem also known as Eric Brooks, T0x1K, T0x1K_5h0K. im 27 and cant remember a time when i wasn’t labeled a nerd or geek. Most of my childhood was spent with Starwars, Batman, Power Rangers and Dragonball Z. I’ve sent a lot of my life working on electronics. I took apart a gameboy when i was a child and put it back together and since then i’ve always loved to tinker. I’m an RPG gamer, my top 5 would have to be final fantasy (7-10), dragonage, elder scrolls series, mass effect and blue dragon. I used to work at Best Buy and did so for 8 years till I decided to make a change and go to into banking where i met Amber and thru her met Jason and here i am. I used to be a Pro Wrestler a few years ago and still have hopes of going back. I used the name Eric Brooks as part of my nerdom because its the name of my favorite comic book hero. So here i stand in my nerdom as on and off guest host. Warning tho, I tend to be rather vulgar and for those who dont like it. Well…Get over it”

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