Amber Whitlock

My name is Amber, and I suck at about me pages. No. Seriously. I can’t write them, mostly because I hate writing about myself. There’s not much to say. I was born in Salem, Va, a neighboring town to Roanoke where I grew up with Jason as one of my best friends, unfortunately. I’ve been writing on and off since I was 11, always plagued with the inability to actually finish anything of any substantial length.

I attended Hollins University (a liberal arts women’s college known for its creative writing program), where O majored in math and minored in economics with a specialization in education. At the time, my career goal was to be a high school math teacher. I did actually teach for a year and a half (as an overachiever I finished college early) but I realized quickly it wasn’t for me.

And now for something completely different… after teaching, I worked in the “death care” industry selling cemetery plots, burial vaults, mausoleums, headstones, etc. I was successful in sales, but I didn’t love my job and after 8 months moved from sales to administration within the same company. After parting from that company, I was hired at a bank (fondly known as Voldemort) in phone customer service on third shift.

I’ve been nerdy my entire life. I was the overachiever who loved to read and learn. I had an insatiable curiosity. I grew up with a love of music, movies, TV and culture – both fine and pop. My life has been boring and average, but that doesn’t mean the person living it is. Does it?

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