TN2M HH13 – Cabin Fever: Patient Zero(Commentary Track)

Hey guys so we made some changes as Sorority House Massacre was so super boring and we couldn’t make an episode out of it so we switch it up and did Dark Ride but we are still debating on dark ride cause its not streaming anywhere and so it’s not easy to get a hold of right now. So this is how we came up with the idea to do Cabin Fever: Patient Zero the prequel to the other 2 films. Then we had the wacky idea to finally create a commentary track(we promised it like years ago lol) we hope you enjoy and feed back for this one would be really appreciated because if you like it then we will do Dark Ride as well because it make take us a while but we like to fulfill our promises to you listeners. So  you can email us at, or on Twitter , or leave a comment here or on the Facebook Page or Event Page.

TN2M HH13 – Cabin Fever Patient Zero(Download)


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