TN2M HH Bonus 16 – Lord Rosemary! Baby of Salem!

Man we squeezed this in but its here and were still on track and we talk about two for the price of one if you cant tell from the title of this one Rosemary’s Baby and Lords of Salem. Similarities abound though I don’t know if i got them across or not but hey both are good movies and both should we watched so enjoy take a listen and we thank you as always.

TN2M HH Bonus 16 – Lord Rosemary! Baby of Salem!(Download)

2 Responses to “TN2M HH Bonus 16 – Lord Rosemary! Baby of Salem!”
  1. Mike Brown says:

    Oh god, Lords of Salem was utter SHIT. I’ve seen roadkill smeared on the highway that has had better story and acting than Lords of Salem. I want those two hours of my life back. Rosemary;s Baby is a classic if a bit dated. Some of the cross generational politics and culture differences are easy to miss by a modern audience. and the acting of the older actors border on hammy and vaudevillian at times. The utter evil of the plot and its conclusion make up for it though. Lords of Salem was only scary when you stopped to think about how much danger the rest of the cast was in from catching hepatitis d from Sherry Moon Zombie.

    • ouch, I enjoyed the movie but once I saw rosemary’s baby i just could help but see how he took chucks of it for his film. I like some of zombies stuff. the first halloween he did, this, and devils rejects(sorts of) he is about even on the love hate meter but another clunker and he maybe looking at M’Night levels of ugh with out M’nights hilarity

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