TN2M Ep31 – Columbus was 2nd, Eat Bacon

So with this episode we have our first listener correspondence/feedback live on air as well as making this a trademark long episode. which we haven’t done in quite awhile so enjoy. Also remeber comment on the website and facebook page, send us a tweet, and or rate and review us on iTunes to eater the contest. Dont forget to include the password in the subject line for rating and reviews and the body for comments and tweets,  and what prize you want. You will have to go and listen to episode 30 for prize . Thank you again for listening and I hope you enjoyed please contact us by Email: or via Twitter: @Nerdy2MePodcast or on the Facebook Page thank you again.

TN2M Ep31 – Columbus was 2nd, Eat Bacon(Download)

2 Responses to “TN2M Ep31 – Columbus was 2nd, Eat Bacon”
  1. zackmann says:

    listening now waiting for you to mention Worm Quartet C is for Lettuce

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