TN2M Ep#29 – Idris Elba IS the Answer Pt.1

So I finally got it split and loaded and all that jazz. what you maybe asking yourself(though i don’t know why if your looking at this) that is the newest podcast episode and boy is it a doozy. Featuring the lovely Philippa Ballantine and her charismatic husband Tee Morris. We originally came to talk about Pacific Rim but instead talked about the film Elysium(which was an awesome flick in my opinion Jen however now so much) along with Doctor Who, Science Fiction today and even Donnie Yen nut punching the shit out of people. So sit back and enjoy Part 1 of this adventure in Nerdom, and Fandom, because we all know Idris Elba is the answer to all your woes ladies, honest he is….I need to get that perfection comment as a sound bite.

As always leave comments here or on the Facebook Page. A review on iTunes would be lovely as well if you have the time or just email us at and tell us we suck, were not funny, and should probably get our heads examined, because well we probably should. Thanks for listening guys.

Find our Guests below:

Tee Morris

Philippa Ballantine

The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences

Also they are both on facebook Tee and Pip

Listen here…

TN2M Ep29 – The Answer IS Idris Elba – Part 1(Download)



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