TN2M Ep#21 – Oblivion(2013) Review

Hey guys this is the review of the blockbuster film Oblivion staring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman. Jen wasn’t feeling to good so I kinda took the lead for her and it start to show abit towards the end but we really wanted to get this done for you guys before we forgot something or lose are interest in it. We really hope you enjoy the show and lets us know what your think by email us at, or on Twitter at @Nerdy2MePodcast, or leave a comment here on the site. Also reviews on iTunes would be welcome and again thanks for listening.

Listen Here….

2 Responses to “TN2M Ep#21 – Oblivion(2013) Review”
  1. Moley says:

    I haven’t seen Oblivion but I think you might not have seen enough Tom Cruise movies; that is how he walks, like he’s been stuck on a post.

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