TN2M Ep#16 – Mr.Stubbs For President

hey guys and we are here with another episode for your ears. The title for this episode was not originally this if your following me or Jen on facebook but because we forgot to talk about Beyonce and the super bowl conspiracy then we changed it lol. For any one using iTunes and or the iOS podcast app for there listening pleasure we are having some feed issues and I am working to get hose squared away as quickly as possible so bear with me(hehe). I hope you guys enjoy the show we throw a ton of shout outs at in the end so if you have question about something we say then just email, comment or tweet us and we will clarify, cause sometimes we get carried away lol.

Well I hope you enjoy show leave us comments, suggestions, complaints, heckles, or anything at all at Tweet us at @nerdy2mepodcast, and or if your feeling friskey leave a review on iTunes for use maybe if we get some more interest they will fix our damned feed(ugh!!!) Again we thank you and enjoy

Download…TN2M Ep16 – Mr Stubbs For President


Stars, planets, and Dr.Who

Mr.Stubbs for Mayor



Lego Harry Potter

Ni No Kuni


Hotel Transilvania

FDR: American BadAss


Wunderlist App

Amazing 3D Printer

UFYH app

Shout Outs



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