TN2M Ep#15 – Sapiosexual, It’s A Real Thing…

Were back with another episode for you guys, we even have a promo for the roundtable podcast to share so you guys can check them out. We stay pretty darn focuse on this episode which is hella surprising so take not why don’t cha. As always I hope you enjoy the show, and sorry there isn’t any time stamps for this episode i wasn’t take notes of the mas we went along….(hehe my bad) Leave comments, or email us with suggestions, complaints or what ever strikes your fancy. If you don’t mind drop by on iTunes and give us a review and rating that would be awesome and we would be oh so grateful. Thank you, thank you and enjoy.

Download….TN2M Ep15 – Sapiosexual, It’s A Real Thing..

… 1) Duct Tape
2) THQ

1) Somebody Help Me/Reel Evil
2) Premium Rush
3) Django Unchained
4) Coming flicks we wanna see

Video Games:
1) Ni No Kuni
2) Don’t Starve
3) Lego Game Series

1) Tweet Bot App

-The Podcast and things to come
– starting off 2013
– my fiction

Shout Outs
Promos – Round Table Podcast


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