TN2M Ep#14 Part 1- Well We Did It Again…

That’s right to kick off 2013 in a epic fashion(or is this less than epic) we give you an 2 part episode chronicling our horrible adventure with the first horror flick of 2013 Texas Chainsaw 3D. Me and Jen will tell you this entire story just so you don’t have to waste your precious money and time because boy was it awful. This is going ot be a spoiler filled episode so if you intent on going to see this trash heep of a movie don’t click below or listen until you have done so though by seeing this film you will have killed apart of my soul and the light that glows for humanities salvation will have dimmed just a bit more under the weight of shitty shitty movies like this.

We were going to talk about some other thing but got caught up in the muck of this movie so other topics from this show will be talk about in episode 15. Thank you and email us at, or hit up the twitter at @nerdy2mepodcast if you have complaints comments, suggestions or reasons as to why this movie did not suck or sucked harder than we could give credence to. Also rate and review us on itunes if you like it would would awesome.  well with out further ado on with the show and thank you for listening.


TN2M Ep14 Part 1- Well we did it again

2 Responses to “TN2M Ep#14 Part 1- Well We Did It Again…”
  1. Bryden says:

    Hahahaha I had so much fun listening to this pod cast. LOL Man listening to you guys talk about coochie pants and token boob girls and just the horrible plot line was sooooo funny. Plus you guys say Fuck just as much as I do. LOL I LOVE IT!!!!! I will listen to part two tonight.

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