TN2M Ep#13 – Tundra Babies Are Born In Palin’s Backyard…

Hey guys, today we have a full episode for you. News, tech stuff, anime reviews, TV show talk, and movie reviews. I put in some work for you guys because i know its been a minute since we did a show. It’s me and Jen again we will beat amber about the head and neck soon enough to get her on the podcast its jsut our schedules don’t click well her evil place of employment keeps her busy. I am not gonna blab on and on just enjoy the show and please if you would be so kind and lovely as to leave comments, or send us emails at, or even better put up reviews on iTunes we would love it every so much.

Download…TN2M Ep13 – Tundar Baby Born In Palin’s Backyard



  • Netflix
  • Ooya

Tech Stuff 10.32

  • CrunchyRoll App(PS3)
  • NPC Name Generator App
  • Random Name Generator App

Anime Reviews17.54

  • Sword Art Online
  • Eyeshield 21

TV Talk36:01

  • Walking Dead
  • American Horror Story

Movie Reviews 44.52

  • Lawless
  • Men In Black 3



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