TN2M Ep#9 – Reppin’ Hard 4 Da FDØ

Alright folks guess what, I am here in the booth(my office) with none other than my lovely live in cohost Jen, and we talk nothing but the FDØ. You heard me right none other than Scott Sigler himself. We jump around and talk about all 4 of the GFL books very loosely because if not we would us with spoil them down the core and I can not abide such spoilers. Yeah I know me not spoiling something then it has got to be good lol. We cover a bit of news, then jump head first into Diggin’ the Sig, and then finish up with a lil bit of talk about coming podcast episodes so hope you enjoy. As Always don’t hesitate to email us with comments, concerns, and or suggestions. Also if you want leave us a review on Itunes we would appreciate it very much and are grateful just to have you listening. Thank you and enjoy.

Download….TN2M Ep9 – Reppin’ Hard 4 Da FDO



  • HomeComing Prank
  • Sleep Cafe in Akihabara
  • Mr I am from Queens Reppin’ Hard for the Pumpkin


  • GFL #1 – The Rookie
  • GFL #2 – The Starter
  • GFL #3 – The All-Pro
  • GFL#4 – The MVP



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