TN2M Ep#8 – I’m Sexist, And Amber Has To Take It

Well another episode has now come. This is my first attempt with segment intros so hopefully you enjoy. These show notes are going to be short as sweet as I am doing edits on 1 story and have written to short stories. Amber is still chugging along with her screen play. Face is on vacation and loving boarderlands 2, we both will be W.o.W’in it up with mysts of pandaria soon. Soon as in tomorrow woot! as for Jen and Ish ummm I dont really know any updates for them but next time I will have something lol

This episode we cover apps, Doctor who, Movies coming soon to a screen near you and we have some new to start with and shout outs to end it. As always I hope you enjoy and if you have any suggestion or comments email us, comment on the site or hit us up on twitter. If you are so in kind please leave a review on itunes. Thank you and again enjoy


Download…TN2M Ep8 – I’m Sexist, and Amber Has To Take It




For the Techies – 16.11

Movies 38.48

Tv shows/Doctor Who 45.03

Shout outs/Outro1:14.37

5 Responses to “TN2M Ep#8 – I’m Sexist, And Amber Has To Take It”
  1. Moley says:

    I am another who didn’t like Rose Tyler either. I liked Donna Nobel best. Though I am behind, need to rewatch series 5 so I can trade it to my friend for 6 and then get on with 7.

    • I am DVR’in 7 though i haven’t watched it as of late I need to though

    • enigmalea says:

      I have conveniently found all the series in the middle of the road… and Ish just found ALL THE WHO EVER (including all the classic who) in the middle of the road. He’s about halfway through collecting all of it. It’s created quite a mess and will probably take weeks to pick it all up. >.>

      Donna and Amy are tied for my favorite out of the new Who series. I’m picking through the random Classic who you can find on Netflix and so far really like Leela and Ramona.

  2. bryden yeo says:

    Gears of war is Shawn’s fav game. See Rednecks play games too. Games transend LOL YOU NEED TO WATCH ALIEN AMBER!!! I loved the first two. Way worth it to see them. Love that you mentioned Kung Fu Panda love that movie too. Bacon is the TITS!!! LOL
    Hahahaha Jason you sexist boy, cutting Amber’s segment like that. Bla on the intros LOL We want to hear what Amber has to say. LOL
    I heard the first three or four and skipped to this one. I will have to go back later in the week and get caught up. Good job guys this was a great pod cast. Keep it up.

    • enigmalea says:

      Alien seems like it’s always on my list of things to watch, but I never quite make it to it. It’s on the “someday” list. Which reminds me… I should probably start a list of things to watch on Evernote…

      THANK YOU. I’m glad I have someone in my corner! NERDY GIRLS UNITE! We’re rare like unicorns. We need to herd together and protect one another!

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