TN2M Ep #4- No Clue What To Talk About

Sorry this is a little late folks but I just got back from Orlando Florida at the Anime Festival Orlando Convention. There I did the whole anime nerd thing but I was also there for business and got some awesome bumpers for the podcast thought will start showing up in episode five.

Enough of that, this episode we talk about Con Survival 101, another Nerdy Girl Corner, Also we debut a new segment call “For The Techies” were amber talk about apps and programs that are useful and should be picked up. I chime in a bit but mainly this is her territory. We give some shout outs, and there is much banter, some is a bit racially charged though I don’t think I say anything worse than an episode of the Chappelle Show so I don’t think it much to worry about lol

Any as always we would love to hear what you think about the show, so leave us comments, or emails, or a review on Itunes. Thank you once again and we hope you enjoy


Download…TN2M Ep4- No Clue What To Talk About




Con Survival 10111.58

For The Techies29.32

  • Phone Apps
  • Computer Programs

Nerdy Girl Corner1.02.54

Check This Out1.05.40

  • Skylanders

Shout Outs1.09.16


2 Responses to “TN2M Ep #4- No Clue What To Talk About”
  1. bryden yeo says:

    Hey I’m a Canadian listener so you guys have non American peeps.
    Love the con tips. I will use this when I go see Kelley Armstrong in Sep. I am a nervious fangirl so i will just get my stuff signed take a pic and hand my letter to her before running away. 😛 I’m a dork that way. 🙂 Love the sleep and clean your neardy ass up rant. Laughed my face off.
    Hmmm Amber you are into Thomas and Olympic Athletes. 🙂 Well done. LOL
    Skylanders 😦 Just when we got all the stupid things for my kids they come out with a new set. BOOOOOOOO!!!!! They sure are milking the parents on this one. My kids ages 4-10 all play it. So we will be buying this stinking game. 😛
    Good Pod cast guys. 🙂

    • thanks for the love momma episode 5 is late but coming in under the wire so your getting basically three episodes with weekend.

      Episode 5 is broken up into two parts and because amber was having tech difficulties i brought in my boy Face to help out and we got a bit carried away lol the cast in total is 2 hours and 20 minutes or so lol

      amber should be back today and we should be able to get episodes 6 and 7 recorded meaning were covered before dragoncon

      keep listening momma and definitely let your friends know about the show

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