TN2M Ep #3- I Am Full of Chicken, and Spoilers

So this episode started out ok, but dissolved quickly into an hour long romp about geekdom, nerdom, Felicia Day, Mr Will W, and Joss Whedon. We Also try to surmise what geek/nerd and the culture behind it mean to us, which leads to trips down memory lane.  Also I am chomping down chicken nuggets because there delicious. All in all I think this was the most fun I have had so far podcasting. Amber takes the reins for the most part on this show so ladies enjoy the independence and fellas, I got chicken nuggets.


Download…TN2M Ep3- I Am Full of Chicken, and Spoilers




04.08Geek what is it to you? / Felicia V. Perez

49.58More Banter?

51.23Nerdy Girl Corner

  • Cosplay Update

56.40Shout Outs/ Check This Out

  • Anime Podcasts
  • Geek/Nerdy Podcasts


Sorry for the traffic noises I live near a major road and sometimes lings like motorcycles and trucks go by and to make it worse we got a late start because of Amber shopping…lol and Nutty no I am not sorry for the nuggets they were awesome and it was nearing lunch time, you know I love ya nutty. well let us know what you think emails, comments, Itunes reviews and all that works. thank you and enjoy

5 Responses to “TN2M Ep #3- I Am Full of Chicken, and Spoilers”
  1. bryden yeo says:

    I think it’s funny you guys didn’t stick to your topics. Some of the best Podcasts are done that way so good for you guys. Amber hope your throat feels better. 🙂 I am one of those pegs that don’t fit into a type of anything so I have to agree leave the booth babes alone. I always thought the geek world was more accepting. (I was more of a pothead but had geek friends :P) So when I hear of this looser who has nothing better to do then to bash people for not being geek enough or whatever it blows my mind. I am not geek enough so I head all about the twitter fire here. 😛 Anyway Have fun at your convention Jason and can’t wait to hear your guys next Pod Cast. 🙂 Thanks for the shout out that was cool 🙂

  2. Moley says:

    I can’t believe you forgot my characters, I only played 3 really in my time in Beware, one was after you left. Sheesh. =oP Mach’in Rose and Dame XanE (and then Esperanza Loray). Thanks for the mention. I was a dork and waved (and blushed because, well, it’s what Moley does).

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