TN2M Ep #2- Gummies Are Yummy, and My Boss Isn’t Racist

Its is we Jason, and Amber with episode 2 of Talk Nerdy 2 Me. Boy is this a doozy of an episode it runs a bit long because we get into super ultra mega bear man spoilers for Batman: Dark Knight Rises. Some of you who will listen to this will think we didn’t like the movie, but we did and we both enjoyed it. We just felt that it didn’t stand well as a series finisher but was more of just another movies in the series.

We also kinda sorta do a new segment called Nerdy Girls Corner but we ran into some trouble with that as Amber will note. I talk about some magazines, I know I know most magazine sections are tabloids, and updates on what Justin Bieber is up, though I did manage to find a couple to hopefully tickle your interests and titillate your psyche . So Sit back and enjoy please leave some feed back or email us if you wish. We would love to hear from you and what you think of the show or any suggestions you have. Thank you and see you next week.


Download…TN2M Ep2 – Gummies Are Yummy, and My Boss Isn’t Racist



03.05 Current Events/ News

  • Batman Premiere Shooting
  • Double Fine Soda Tasting
  • 2013 Superman Film
  • Steam Summer Sale
  • Ambers PS3, and the Bday Present I owe her

09.04Batman: Dark Knight Rises(SPOILERS!!!!)

  • Character Break Down
  • Plot
  • Ending

55.46Nerdy Girl Corner

  • Nerd Lacquer

1.02.05Check This Out

1.04.05 – Outro/ Shout Outs

Well that is the show again please contact us, leave comments, leave reviews on Itunes all of those things we would love and appreciate if you wanted to take the time. I wanna thanks Starla Huchton once more for showing us the love on Twitter. So until next time, Talk Nerdy 2 you later.



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5 Responses to “TN2M Ep #2- Gummies Are Yummy, and My Boss Isn’t Racist”
  1. Moley says:

    You’re fun to listen to. Although I just drove my flatmate nuts talking back to you while listening to the Batman discussion. Apparently you can’t hear me when I do that.

    From what I’ve gotten: Christian Bale said he would walk and not do the movie fi there was Robin.
    The original intent was to carry on a story arc with the Joker but since the one for this franchise died the story had to be reconfigured and hence we get Bane as the bad guy instead. Also likely why unfortunately it ended up so disjointed. (I forgive it several sins because of this.)
    Guaranteed WB will make another Batman movie eventually. The set-up right now seems to be with Joseph Gordon Levitt but that could change. I have no doubt that this is not the final film, just the last one with Christopher Nolan at the helm and Christian Bale in the suit.
    Also: You can’t nit-pick tiny little flaws and then make allowances for HUGE glaring errors that just makes no sense.

    Happy Jay? I posted here. =oP

  2. bryden yeo says:

    Hi I really liked listening to you Jason and Amber you guys have great cemistry and I really enjoyed listening to the Movie review and the Girls cornner. I like nail stuff too. 😛 The magazines you talked about sound pretty interesting as well. This is my first time hearing this Podcast but it will not be my last. I like the things you talked about so far and I’m curious to hear what you will talk about next. Good luck and I laughed at the whole yummy gummies thing. Hopefully I can get a sitter and check out the new Batman movie. Not too excited about superman but I am jumping up and down about the new Spiderman. Hope you guys do a reveiw on that on. 🙂

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